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SOS! Emergency Preparedness, the app that gets you out of a jam 


A freak snowstorm or tornado brings down power lines in your entire neighborhood. Are you prepared? How will you get through the night and perhaps the next few days? If you are hurt, do you have your emergency health and contact information handy so that medical personnel can treat you efficiently and your family and friends can be informed?

Assume that in the same snow storm freezes the pipes in your house and causes a leak in the kitchen. What will you do next? Can you reach a plumber easily? Do you have your home insurance nearby?

Perhaps it something as simple as being locked out of your home or car? Or you Do you know what to do in that instant?

SOS! Emergency Preparedness you can calmly and successfully get through these situations.  DOWNLOAD APP for IPHONE!

This application allows you to reach the information you need in any daily emergency situation you might find yourself in. It provides you with first aid or Do-it-yourself tips as needed. It uses the planning guide provided by FEMA to make a plan, get a kit and be informed. This is a comprehensive guide to prepare for disasters and recovering from them.

Product Features include

  • ICE: In Case of Emergency Info
  • Name, Age, Medical Conditions, Allergies, Prescriptions, Emergency Contacts, etc.
  • Map Emergency hospitals
  • Insurance and other Information reduces the number of cards in your wallet
  • Health, Home, Auto, etc.
  • Disaster Preparedness and Disaster reference
  • Make a plan
  • Get a Kit
  • Be Informed
  • Comprehensive list of disasters: Pandemic flu, Wildfire, Flood, Heat, Hurricane, etc.
  • Pet Emergency
  • Auto Emergency
  • First Aid Guide
  • Access services used daily such as:
  • Plumber, Gardener, Handy Man, Appliance repair and other household services
  • Snow removal, tree service
  • Veterinarian and pet related contact info
  • Post Office, Public Library, Gym
  • Airport, Public Transportation
  • Call, Email and text services from the list
  • Map and automatically get directions to service locations based on phone capability


The dot.dot Emergency Solutions (SOS! Emergency Preparedness) app is currently available for the iPhone. Get it here!


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Platforms and Applications

7 Grapes Software has the above and other applications under development for various platforms including iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, J2ME.


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7 Grapes has access to software talent locally as well as around the world. We understand that a mobile application is only one piece of your infrastructure puzzle. We are happy to staff your team or develop your applications. You can reach the Sales team at sales@7grapes.com.